Ages 3+
Ages 3+

Thanksgiving Table Turkeys


What you get

Get ready to talk turkey! Make finely feathered friends to spruce up your holiday table and make guests feel welcome. Sculpt each critter out of clay; add a beak, wattle, and wiggle eyes; then top off each turkey with festive feathers and personalized place cards (a perfect way for little ones to practice their handwriting)! When it comes to holiday fun, this Thanksgiving-themed crate is stuffed!






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Terri M.
Dec 16 2021

I gave this set to my grandsons, ages 2, 9 and 11. They were able to make them easily (the little guy with help) and the older boys got pretty creative with their messages! A nice deco for our Thanksgiving table.

Dec 10 2021

This is super cute and everyone loved the place cards. I hope they last until next year. The only issue I had was, my daughter finished all the turkeys in under 10 minutes.

Dec 10 2021

They turned out cute and both the five and two year olds were able to make their turkeys successfully. A fun holiday project. My only complaint is the feathers fell off after a day or two which was disappointing.