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Kiwico Camp Summer Discovery Video

Burst graphicFun for kids of all ages

Koala Camp (Ages 3-4)

Summer Safari lifestyle image

Day 1

Summer Safari

Join a zookeeper on a learning adventure and discover amazing animals.

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Kiwi Camp (Ages 5-8)

Real-Life Robots lifestyle image

Day 1

Real-Life Robots

Discover how robot engineers solve problems, then design your own robots.

Pair with this crate:

Robots and Coding


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Tinker Camp (Ages 9+)

Radical Rockets lifestyle image

Day 1

Radical Rockets

Be a rocket engineer and try some gravity-defying design challenges.

Pair with this crate:

Bottle Rocket


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Camp KiwiCo LIVE Workshops

Discover new STEAM concepts as you work on seriously fun projects and interact with KiwiCo instructors.

Expert KiwiCo instructors

Engaging 45 min to 1 hr sessions

10-30 kids per session

Spots are limited— register today!
sold out!

Koala Camp
LIVE workshops

Ages: 3-4
Ticket: $25/child
Group size: 5-10 kids
sold out!

Kiwi Camp
LIVE Workshops

Ages: 5-8
Ticket: $20/child
Group size: 10-20 kids

Tinker Camp
LIVE Workshops

Ages: 9+
Ticket: $15/child
Group size: 15-30 kids
Find a workshop ➜

LIVE Workshops available in the U.S. only. Crates must be purchased separately.

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I was SO impressed with the crate and the instructions. My child was able to do everything on his own. He kept saying “this is the best activity ever!”


It’s summer camp in a crate. And so much more!

It’s summer camp in a crate. And so much more!

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Convenient and free!

Access Camp KiwiCo from anytime, anywhere.

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Flexible scheduling

Choose when you work on projects. Camp KiwiCo is around all summer long, starting June 21st.

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Hand-picked crates

Add even more hands-on learning with hand-picked crates!

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Build with product designers

Join live crate-building sessions with real KiwiCo product designers! Limited spots available.

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Share with the community

Show off your Camp KiwiCo projects at #KiwiCo and see what others are working on.


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image from user twinkle2s16

Another make and play session thanks to auntie and @kiwico_inc .... today we made a stomp rocket and a kite 🚀🚀 #campkiwico


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